Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Took the Ipod Off

It wasn't a choice, I was forced. All streched out and ready to run, I pushed the play button and nothing happened. After tirelessly trying to get the thing to work, I regretfully decided to run without it. As I started out, I missed my music. I have been jogging and working out with my tunes for over a decade now. I felt like I had lost my running buddy. Without my very loud motivation blasting in my ears, I could hear myself breathing. I could hear my shoes on the pavement, and my pony tail flopping around. Those were not the only sounds I heard though. I was in for a surprise....

As I ran along, I heard birds - tons of them. I heard the huge trees around our apartment complex blowing in the wind. I heard the hoofs of dear....11 of them...(yes I said 11 - I counted!) climbing the rocky hills down the road. I heard friendly dog barks and neighbors saying hello. Usually, when I'm running and I encounter another person they just smile and wave - because they see I have headphones on. But this time, I was able to exchange a greeting. I heard kids playing, water running in a creek, and cars driving by. (It hadn't dawned on my music filled brain before that not being able to hear approaching vehicles is a safety no-no.) Wow. I had been missing out on a lot of nature's "noises".

But it doesn't stop there. My mind was clearer - more open - more receptive. Even....pure. My form was actually better because I wasn't stopping every 2 minutes to mess with my ipod. I traded the sounds of steel guitars and drum solos for the rejuvinating song of the wild. I could pray and actually get a response. I could think about something other than lyrics. I felt refreshed, free. All while trotting down the road in my Nike's.

That reminds me....A couple of months ago my computer died. It was long over due and I'm surprised it didn't happen before it did. Since I stay home with my son, inbetween reading books, meal time, cleaning, and playing - I frequented the computer chair. And since we were in a new city with no friends - the internet was my tie to the outside world. Until, I got that black computer screen staring back at me, that is. Oh yes, I was frustrated for a few days, but again, I was in for some good stuff. Literally, not having a computer at my fingertips all day long - changed my life. I spend more time with Jace. I read, write, and clean more (kindof!). I do more Bible studies and I pray more often.

A blessing in disguise. Hmmm. There seems to be a theme here, doesn't there? Strip a girl of her music and her internet and you get a humbled lady more in tune to God than she ever thought possible. A lady that, even though she doubts and questions - can see the handy work of a Creator taking distractions away - and replacing them with none other than.....Himself! And I'll take Him over technology any day :)