Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thoughts Inspired by Mother's Day

I wrote this on Mother's Day and posted it on another blog. Even though Mom's day was a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to add it here too:

Being a mom changes things! Suddenly, your capacity to love far exceeds your tendency to hate. You find yourself not minding diapers and drool - nearly as much as you did in your babysitting days. Lady bugs, birds, the moon, things with fur, objects with wheels, trains, airplanes, rocks, and even dirt are all exciting again. All of a sudden, you don’t really care if clothes match anymore (yours or your child’s!) Your cell phone becomes a toy. You go the speed limit for safety, not to avoid tickets. You look into college savings plans and you become more interested in your child’s future than you once were in your own. Your relationship with your husband is taken to an entirely different level. And time with him…alone….is much more appreciated. You want to better the environment and the world…for the sake of future generations. Your own mother becomes your hero. Joy comes to you in new and refreshing ways. Love takes on a whole new meaning. Having faith becomes a must and bettering yourself becomes a priority. Becoming a mom not only changes things…but it changes you. It’s sure changed this Mommy. And oh, I’m so glad it has.

Yes. Motherhood is filled with worry, sleepless nights, tight budgets, heavy car seats, messy meals, whining, and a lot of fatigue. But….it is also filled with nose kisses, hand holding while crossing the street, big bear hugs, first words, books, playing in parks, high fives, lots of giggles, game-playing and night-time prayers. It’s more than worth it.

Now that I know what it feels like to be a mom….I pray earnestly for my sweet friends who want so badly to have babies, but are having a hard time. I pray for single moms, children who need a mom, my mom, people who have lost their moms, friends who have had difficult moms, soon-to-be moms, and ME…as a mom. Not only has motherhood changed me….but prayer has too. And again, I’m so glad it has.

Let us always appreciate Mother’s Day… a sweet reminder of what it truly means to love, and as a fun day to just celebrate…life.