Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Grandparents

My husband and I had a chance to visit with his maternal grandparents last week. Who knew twenty-somethings could have such fun with seventy-somethings? Our time together was so sweet. I have always adored this couple, but our recent time with them just made me melt. Wearing his blue flannel shirt and boots, Grandpa told us all about how he was raised on a farm. Being a country boy living in the city, my husband hung on every word. As we sat at my Mother-in-Laws dining table (eating the best food I have EVER put in my mouth. We should all just call my Mom-in-Law "Betty Crocker") we had the most fabulous conversations about God, the Bible, and just life in general. Grandma and Grandpa spoke of interesting stories, the Holy Spirit, giving, helping, seeking, and trusting. They can spout off scripture from memory without even pausing. It is hidden in their hearts. After our time with them, I felt so refreshed. These two people are just so simple. Nothing fancy. Never showy. And definently never proud or boastful. Their faith is so honest and real. They live it. I so appreciated our time with them, and I find myself craving more! Oh, that I may be as useful and giving in my wiser years as they are. :)