Monday, March 1, 2010

These Kind of Tears

I've never known this kind of sorrow. I still don't.

I've never experienced this kind of empathy. This kind of pain. This kind of sad. This kind of devastation. All for another.

I can't stop the tears from flowing. My chest hurts. My stomach churns.

It feels like the world should stop. For her. For them. It feels like the entire universe should come to a screeching hault. It feels like the sun shouldn't shine, anymore.

Really, there are no words for this kind of loss. There are no ways to describe the immense sorrow that screams out from the heart of a mother and father who have lost their little 5 month old love-bug.

So I'm gonna stop trying. And I'm just gonna keep feeling.

Peace, Lord. Somehow.....give them crazy comfort and peace.