Thursday, February 5, 2015

An Evening Hello

I should be primping my face, and slathering on lotion, and pulling on pj's by now.

All the lights should be low by this time, and my brain should be mellowing into a fog of tired.

The kids have found every reason to rise from their beds after having been laid down for the evening - but I think they are fixed flat and quiet now, for what's left of the dark hours.

The porch lights have been lit, the dirty dishes have been loaded, some of the messes made earlier today have been picked up and swept away.

The trash is out by the curb awaiting it's early morning pickup on the morrow.

The blinds have been twisted shut.

The sheets on my bed are all exposed and folded back and turned down - waiting for their owner here to succumb to happy weariness and call it a night already.

But instead, I'm stealing moments from my much needed snooze - to sit and scribble here with you.

The days have been full around these parts as of late.

And that's a good thing.

This girl here just needs to get better about sandwiching in sweet moments to spill out what's pressing.

Not because you need or want it, but because I do.

There's something about weaving words that saves me.

Saves my sanity. My patience. My alertness to what's unfolding.

It seems my earlier certainty that the children were down and out was premature.....

The youngest little cub just emerged from his den once more, to ask a very important question....

"Mommy, is the zoo closed tonight?"

"Yes, buddy. The zoo is closed tonight."


"The animals need to sleep and rest...... just like you do."

And that was his get his sweet little behind back to bed, pronto.

I carried him in, and covered him up, and kissed his creamy cheek, and I think I have finally....yes really....laid the lad down for the last time until nap tomorrow.

Let it be so, Lord. :)

There is a towel dangling over the shower door - all dry and ready for me.

The floor heater is on - pumping out blessed warmth.

And my mind is indeed drifting shower and reading and bed.

But, I'm still a bit wired and restless. My heart is looking for it's love.

The man I wed is away tonight - due to an early morning meeting on the other side of this great big state.

Not having him here this eve, makes me much more grateful for all the eve's he is.

I like him.

Even when we aren't necessarily interacting - just having him here all near and close and present.... it binds me.

Even when I'm madder at that man than a soaking wet hen - I want him home.

Things feel good here when he's around.

I look forward to seeing his face on the flip side.

I just tiptoed in to check on the littles - and they have indeed slipped into sleep.

Ah :)

Their Mama should slip out softly here and do the same.

May your Thursday be thoroughly rich and bright, friends.

Shower, face, pajamas, book,.....they are calling.