Friday, April 24, 2015

It's Here

I'm up early, early today.

As soon as I land in England tomorrow, what is usually morning for me will be afternoon, suddenly.

So I sit here and write and pray and ponder and wonder in the budding hours of Friday - prepping for the fast forward.

Forging through the cobwebs that sleepiness brings, I'm attempting to rehash all the inklings.

All the crazy wild hunches and words and leadings - that have lead us to actually soar over seas of blue.

And it's comforting for me today.

This is when it is good and right to look back.

This is when it is wise to look in the rear view mirror and see Him clearly guiding, providing, steering.

It mounts up faith.

And it sturdies me... to hop continents and discover.

But if I'm being totally forthright - it confuses me a tad, too.

Why? When there are so many atrocities folding out as I type these very words here - would I be providentially guided and encouraged and led and indulged like I have when it comes to England?

Why? In a world that groans and aches for relief and justice even at this very hour - would I be so sweetly but almost sillily directed in such fashion?

Why? When there are people being ravaged for their faith choices, and children being enslaved and violated, and humans that are severely hungry?

Why am I here on the same watch - all giddy and inspired and filled with faith so joyfully over the fact that He has distinctly spoken and provided for me in this?

And He clearly has.

But I am mystified over the contrast.

I can't help but to think, however....

In all the inklings, and all the prophetic words, and all the divine guidance that has ever been given or seen in the history of the earth - that all of it....

...has at it's root the heart of God to bring salvation and restoration and healing to the whole wide wounded world.

Encouragements and encounters and holy leadings are not given to simply bless the person they are dealt to, alone. They are to somehow endow others as well. Or maybe even mostly.

Knowing the love of Christ, this is most certainly so.

As I wing away to the UK today - I trust that the plan and heart of God in all this runs deep and stretches wide and crosses class, cause, and continent.

Yes, Father.

As I have access, I plan to pen some things out while I am away. 

And I'm hoping that some of those words find their way here to the blog spot. 

I covet your prayers over it all.