Monday, April 13, 2015


Yesterday was his first preach as a pastor.

I had to pause there after punching the keys..... because the wildness of this startles and quiets me.

In God's good grace, he's been opening scripture in front of congregations for a while now.

But for him to do it - as a full-time and official's hushing.

Sitting there on the front row scribbling notes, listening to inspired speech flow from my own husband's mouth, thoughts and points that I my own self needed to hear and inhabit - I shook my head at the possibilities of a person....

when God gets hold of them.

2010 is a favorite year of mine.

It was the year the Lord tapped my guy on the shoulder, and pretty much said....


Enough of the addiction, striving, wondering, complacency.

Enough of doing things Derek's way.

Enough of straining over ideas and aspirations that aren't of Me.

And so that year... he was set free and flying from a decades long addiction to pornography.

He was led and shaped and inspired by another man - a mentor - who still to this day pours into my husband all kinds of divine.

He was filled with a veracious desire for scripture, teaching, revelation. And he was killed of all sorts of hidden sin.

He got real, and honest, and hungry.

And it changed everything.

Men - when a guy fully submits to God and decides to be transparent and lead well.... his family follows suit.

This tapping of the shoulder from the Lord - it touched all of us.

I cringe to think what would have happened to our family here - if my husband hadn't decided to sit down, and let the Holy Spirit stand up.

So yesterday, I saw this man that put this ring on my finger - up there being used as a conduit and chord for God's wisdom and love....

and I remember the kid I fell in love with. Big biceps and nice butt and all.

I remember the football playing, and the shift job out of college, and the engineering work, and the market place management, and the health care directing....

And I marvel - that God has made this guy I got to marry - into a vocational minister.


And gosh.... that God would make this girl a minister's wife....

We should all keep praying about the fruition of that one :)

Don't write anyone off, friends.

Don't stop praying and loving and serving and hoping - for life change in loved ones.

They may end up standing in front of you - and preaching to your own broken soul someday.

Thank you, Jesus.