Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Sunday

I woke up wanting to worship.

Opening my eyes this morning - I longed to congregate with like-minded believers who would stand in awe and adoration and longing with me today.

And, thankfully, this was on the agenda.

Kingsgate Church in Peterborough welcomed us sweetly.

Their church is diverse. Sixty different nations are represented, and the age range is of the wide variety. 

Lots of grey hairs and glasses...
mixed with bellies blossoming with babies...
mixed with tots poking around waiting on mums to finish conversations.

Standing with these fellow believers this morning in worship and sitting in rows with them under boosted me right where I needed it.

But at this current hour, I am bundled.

Bundled up tight under a B&B blanket.

It's a bit frigid in this musky old room here - and I'm glad I yielded to the nudge to pack my warm hat.

I'll be sleeping in it tonight.

We're in the Oxford area now.

I'm not sure what to make of it thus far. I'll get a better feel for it on the flip side.

Lord bring Your light and lightness here.

I'm tearing up a bit - just feeling like the Lord is saying...

"Wherever you are....I AM."

This brings me great comfort.

Tomorrow we plan to emerge early...before all the scholars rise for instruction and before the bustle of the university day begins.

There is a prayer service being offered just down the way at the crack of the day - and we want to catch it.

Therefore, I should catch some winks.

Lord, we're looking and listening around every corner and bend.