Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flying with the Father - Election Day

As I sit down to write this post, I can hear a single-engine prop plane buzzing about overhead.

That sound always brings back sweet memories for me. When I was about 13 years old, my Dad earned his private pilots license. (In a later blog post - I will tell you the magical story of how my father accomplished this. It's a good one!)

On the weekends, my father and I would drive out to the local airport, rent a small plane, and take off into the blue sky. We would usually fly to another small airport, eat at the cafe, and take off again. Sometimes, we would just fly around and enjoy the earth from a birds eye view. It was fabulous. We would turn the music on, open up the window flap and soar through the sky. It was so relaxing. So much so, that I would often times fall asleep. Now if you know me, you understand that I am NOT a person who easily falls asleep in airplanes (or on the ground for that matter). I tend to be anxious and fidgety - especially in flight.

But this was different. I wasn't a passenger on a commercial plane who's pilot I did not know - I was a passenger on a plane who's pilot was my Daddy! I trusted him. I felt safe. I was secure. His very presence at the controls put me at such ease. And this Daddy's girl was so comfortable that she drifted off while drifting through the air.

Those are such sweet memories of mine. I truly cherish them. And as I listen to small planes flying over our house today, I can't help but make a connection:

Today is election day here in the US. It is pretty exciting - but it is also a tad scary. The American people will be choosing who our next president will be. That is some hefty stuff! We have studied where each candidate wants to take us. We have heard their flight plans and considered their desired destinations. Which one will we fly with? This election season has been particularly intense for many of us. I confess that it has kept me wide-eyed and awake at night on many occasions. But just as my heart starts to quake - I am reminded that no matter who wins the election - the Captain - the lead pilot will always be my Heavenly Father. No matter what.

Just as my earthly parent brought me peace and comfort in the air - my Heavenly Father will bring me security and strength in this election. I'm flying with the Father. Therefore I know my final destination will be a real good one! With Him in the pilot's seat - I'm ready to go full throttle.

All aboard!