Monday, November 10, 2008

Homemaker Happenings

I can't seem to get our house organized.

We bought the place this past summer and since we moved across the country - we brought lots of boxes with us. We have most of them unloaded but there are about a dozen or so that still need to be unpacked. And since we are in the middle of updating our new home - things are chaotic. Papers are piling up. Toys are scattered about the house. And it seems as if nothing has a place. I feel guilty even admitting this!

After all, I am a stay at home Mom. My child and my house are what I do! I remember years ago - dreaming about being a Homemaker. I had big plans. I dreamt of fixing up large feasts of food for every meal, cleaning the house from top to bottom everyday, baking things for friends and neighbors every week, folding laundry so nice and neat, vacuuming with a smile, playing the role of super Mom, and decorating every room just perfectly. And I planned on getting all of that done with my makeup expertly applied, wearing cute little outfits, and humming a tune.

A little unrealistic maybe.

But still - for some reason I just can't seem to get it all together! I can't get everything organized in my head. I can't get things situated. It is more than a little frustrating. I need help. So I was wondering....

do you have any tips for me? On how to organize things and such? I'd love to hear from you. I NEED to hear from you! How do YOU get your home where it needs to be and keep it that way?

Your advice and wisdom is greatly appreciated :)