Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Rowdy Roots

Tomorrow, I am going to get my hair colored for the first time in forever. I had to wash my hair tonight, so that I can style it all nice tomorrow BEFORE I go to the salon. WHAT? Did I just say that I am gonna style my hair before I go get it styled? Yep.

See, as part of an early Christmas gift - my Mama left me some 'hair money' the last time she visited. And she insisted that I go to the fancy salon in the big city. Ya know, the kind where you feel like you have to fix your hair - before you get it fixed. I didn't even fight with her about it and I didn't say "Oh Mom, you don't have to do that!" Instead I said, "Yes, Mam!" and booked my appointment!

She knows how much I love hair color. In high school, I would have a different hair hew just about every month. My parents were okay with it. Even when I dyed it purple :)

Not only does my Mom know that I love hair dye and that I don't get my hair colored much anymore - but I'm certain she saw my roots. Y'all, seriously. My roots are so much lighter than the rest of my hair that it is almost offensive. Really. And oh my gosh - it looks weird. For some reason, my roots are like way lighter than my hair color used to be. I have some serious natural blonde going on now. Back when I used to get my hair tinted a lot - I actually forgot what color my natural was. Isn't that horrible?

I forgot my roots. But I have to tell ya, there are some roots that I will never forget.....

The ones that run deep into the Texas soil. It all began for me in the Lonestar State, Kids. My roots are so firmly planted in the south that even after all these years I still say things like, "Gaw-leeeeee, Yall! And "I used to could." And "I'm fixin' too!" I love the south. Pecan Pie. Open Sky. Big Hair. People Who Care. And so on. No, I will never forget where I come from. I will never forget going to MeeMaw's after church for Chicken Fried Steak and Tators. I will never forget the awesome taste of a Wata-Burger or the zest of a Taco from Jack in the Box. I will never forget 110 degree weather, family get togethers, Texas football, the hospitality, the churches, and the people.

Thankfully, I get to go down and spend some time with my Texans here soon. I can't wait.

And what's even better is that I will not offend anyone with my roots. (Not the ones on my head or the ones in my heart!)