Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Feast

I'm still stuffed.

Two nights ago we drove over to my Mother-in-law's house and ate like royalty. We had Homemade (of course) Chicken Alfredo, Texas Toast with Parmesan Cheese, Green Bean Casserole, Mixed Green Salad with Homemade Dressing, Pecan Pie, and yes...Sweet Tea.

It was a party in my tummy.

My husband pretty much had to roll me out of the house. I ate soooo much. I couldn't help myself. I knew that would happen. My Mom-in-law is the Queen of All Things Culinary. I have never had one of her meals that wasn't mouth watering. I don't know how she does it. It's a gift.

As we sat at her table, I watched my husband and son eat like they haven't had food in years. I kind of felt sorry for them. I cook. And I cook a lot - we don't eat out too often. But even when I follow one of my Mother-in-law's recipes - it just doesn't come out the same. My husband tries to be all nice and say that he loves how I cook. But I saw the sheer joy he experienced while wolfing down his Mom's food. In between bites, I leaned over and sarcastically whispered, "You had forgotten what it is like over here on the good side, didn't you?" He just grinned. He knew I was right and he didn't really want to slow down long enough to utter actual words anyway.

But I'm working on it. My pork chops still come out tough. My roast still comes out of the oven dry. My mashed potatoes still need a little zip. But I'm getting there.

It kinda reminds me of being a stay-at-home mom. I'm working on that, too. I'm growing and learning. I still lose one of my son's socks just about every day. I still shrink my husbands work shirts. And I occasionally forget to feed the dog. But I'm getting there. And having fun in the process.

Now, if you'll excuse me....I have some cookies to burn.

Lord, please help me to serve my family well. And help me to serve them with love. Make me better at what I do, God. And at the same time, please help me to keep all expectations of myself reasonable and godly. Please bring people into my life like my Mother-In-Law - who can teach me and mentor me in all things home and more importantly, all things YOU. In Jesus' Sweet Name, Amen :)