Sunday, November 2, 2008

Worship from Anywhere

I'm a front row kind of girl.

Or if not the front row...then definitely the second. When it comes to church and conferences, events and concerts - I like to be towards the front. (Now school....that was a different story.)

As we sat in church today - from the balcony - I longed to be in the first few seats. Close to the preacher. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I get distracted in the back by everyone coming in and such. Maybe it's because I'm a dork. I dunno.

My days in the front row were over a while ago. When you have a small child - sitting in the back is best. It's easier to escape when your child starts fussing and what not. And that is okay! My son is totally worth it :)

But today, as I found myself yearning for those first few pews - I began to sense a sweet and gentle prompting from the Lord. It felt as if God was saying,

"Honey, worship me right where you are. This is where I have you right now. You are where you are supposed to be. I can meet you in the balcony, Babe. "

It spoke to me in more ways than one, y'all. God wasn't just telling me that sitting in the balcony is fine. He was telling me that no matter what season of life we are in - He can meet us there.

Ahhhhh. And that is just awesome, isn't it!?! Just totally awesome :)