Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Ah...starting anew.

There's nothing so sweet.

While it may seem cliche to talk about fresh beginnings and recommitments and determined focus..... I think it best we do.

Because...the turn of the year - it can really ring in some good, good things - some healthy, needed change.

While there are....oh yes....many areas that could use some starting over in my life...I'm honing in on one this year - that needs some wild tweaking...


Talk about fence sitting. This is one of those areas I just couldn't fully embrace - confused on the role of the woman - confused by different voices saying all manner of different things....

And listen....if I'm being totally honest - I considered myself above all this homemaking stuff....for years. It was too quiet...too non-applauding...too little of an audience for this attention-wanting woman to seize.

But then God started speaking all manner of crazy things into my heart. Things about.....

being quiet
being clean - inside and out
really living all our days
the need and importance of mentors
the dangers of sitting on the fence

So tenderly, gently...the Lord has been speaking to me about this role - about the gigantic positive a healthy home is for a child.... about how this is my assignment in this season - about how these hearts that live right along side me? They are to be my focus...shepherding their hearts for Him.

I'll be sitting under many good teachers in this....but I'm mostly receiving my instruction in book form...

...meaning that fine quotes and helpful hints just might find their way on a post or two? :)

So, this next trip around the sun....

....it will include much study in the way of a woman in her home - the schooling, the tempo and flow, the nutrition, the organization, the expectations, the discipline, the relationships, the budget, the traditions, the celebrations...even the decor - the general atmosphere.

I won't be striving for some perfect ideal...but I will be striving to bless.

So while I'm learning how to really grow and serve and encourage the ones that have been entrusted to me....

what will you be focusing in on?

Let us all take courage in your bold quests!

May the Lord yield much fruit from your efforts this year, friends.

Happy, happy new year.