Friday, January 25, 2013

All I Have to Offer

When the world seems awry and the stench of sin wafts heavy...

when the chaos runs rampant and the clouds cover all light

and brokenness is the theme...

when there are more thorns than there are roses and more woes than wins...

and when faith seems to wane and little particles of hope barely gleam through -

it's at those times that really...the only thing we can muster up, or offer out?...

Is a prayer.

Early this morning - before the sun peeped - I sat at our desk and pondered words to post. And my husband walked past with his briefcase fastened over his shoulder - coming in to kiss his bride goodbye for the day.

And even there - before dawn lousy default attitude had settled in thick.

So before he headed into the rat race - I asked him to pray over this weak woman.

(And oh...he has seen my every weakness.)

So he pushed his bag around to his back and bent down and lowered himself - getting down on his wife's level...

and he petitioned on my behalf.

What did he ask for?

God sensors.

He asked that we might be able to sense how God is present - when God is moving - what God is saying - what God is leading us to do at any given moment.

He asked that we might be able to pick up on the Spirit - and transmit Him.

As the leader of our home uttered these words...I whispered a yes.

God sensors. Brilliant.

So on this day - when words for others seem few....I offer up words for Him, instead.

Kick some toys or papers or crumbs to the side today. Make just enough room to plant your knees on the ground. And join me down here in the trenches....


Let your presence be known to us. Help us to see You everywhere - in the normal, mundane, everyday. Speak to us. Let us feel your nearness. Let us be people that are sensitive to your callings. And help us to heed your words - to go and do - to live out what your pressing in. Be so ever present with every soul that passes by this way today. Let them draw close and catch a glimpse of just how much you love them. We thank you for today. We thank you for the work. The children. The laundry. The dust. The dirt. Speak to us as we tend these things over the weekend - like never before. Meet us in these places. Meet us in your Word. And help us to sense You - and be changed. In Jesus'....

Now go.

And know that your conversation with Him doesn't have to end there....