Monday, January 7, 2013

Desperate Giveaway Post

Kind Friends!

Yes, I know. It isn't Tuesday or Friday - but I need to let you in on a fine giveaway going on this week....

Remember my post a few weeks ago? About Titus 2? About Mama's and mentors?

Right after I posted that - a friend (hello, sweet Kelli Jo) suggested I check out Sally Clarkson, Sarah Mae - and their websites. That very same week - other random sources led me to them, too.


I've only been following their blogs for a bit - but I've been so blessed by them already. These ladies have written a book together entitled Desperate - and this is their launch week.

They are giving away some cool things over the next few days. Head here and here to check it all out.

And because I like for things in these parts to be real and transparent - the reason I'm posting today about all this - is because 'posting on your blog about the giveaways' is one way to enter :)


I plan on being back tomorrow, loves....with my Tuesday post.

Hugs all around.