Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Part 2

When Jesus gets inside a dreamer - the dreamer's dreams take off.

And it's a beautiful flight to witness.

To have a husband eager to do the Lord's work - that is a gift. The imagination, the optimism - all from Him. No doubt.

But there came a time - at some point last year...when all the focus became future focus. No area of the mind or heart or dreams centered around the current.

My husband would be the first to tell you that he was enthralled with what we would be doing....someday.

Rather than being present in what was playing out in our lives....that day.

We were discussing this one evening - when a quick vision darted in and interrupted it all. And it changed everything....

....Our family of five is running through the desert - in a single file line. My husband was the one out front barreling full steam, good-intentioned, to some unknown destination. I was running behind him in attempts to stay in stride. And then.... there were the children - flailing behind us, short little legs doing their best to keep up with their parents. Our blonds - were red faced and struggling to breathe - as they tried with all their tiny might to not get lost on this sprint to who knows where.

It undid us.

As I relayed this vision to him..... we wept. We got it.

In one quick vision of sorts - we saw what was happening and where the miss was...

Obsessive focus on the territory we want to inhabit someday (however good and noble that may be) - steals the life right out of the territory you are currently living on.

Tend to today's children...the ones living under your roof. Disciple them. Tend to today's home. Tend to today's budget. Tend to the hearts of friends, lost loved ones, the broken.... living right around you...right now.

Be faithful with what you are currently entrusted with.

Exhibit obedience here.

What God has for us down the road may not look like the keen picture in our heads...it might be that, plus some....or it might be starkly different. Either way- He will take care of tomorrow's territories.

Tend today's.

A few weeks ago....the marriage class teacher at church said: When you get in your cars after work and point your vehicle toward home...you're headed straight towards your most important work...your most important ministry. Be on your A-game. Be ready for it. Be on. Don't go in and give your family what you have left. Give them your best.

And it kinda slapped all of us right in our faces.

For us to be totally present in the now - it's what our families need.

And all those dreams and all those visions and all those goals - keep them alive! Lift them up to Him. Ask the God of the ages to abolish the ones that aren't from Him - and flourish the ones that are! Ask Him to remove the dreams that come from selfish ambition - and ask Him to deeply plant the ones born of compassion and love and the gospel.

No - don't stop envisioning good, good deeds done in His name and for His purposes..... but make sure you tend the crop that is growing on your ground right now, as well.

Because those tender shoots that are just now pushing through your dirt? (Those kids of yours? That family you love? Your current ministry assignment?) If watered and tended well - they could go on to be mighty conquerors for The Kingdom someday.

That's a dream worth dreaming.

Don't think for a second that I'm saying you will forever find yourself on the same plot you are on today. I'm simply saying - since you are there this moment - cultivate it well.

Pour in to the present. Live out your quiet faithfulness here.

And who knows how He will bless the territories of tomorrow.