Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Pleasant Afternoon

It's 73 and sunny where I'm sitting today.

There's been a cloud cover as of late - and so these last few days of pure blue heavens, warm dry temps, and sweet soft breezes has been bliss.

All of my kind readers in the North are gagging, I am sure.

I feel for you, friends.

I'm hearing your complaints about all those freezing and frigid temps you're getting, and I'm elated that I have escaped.

The cold did not treat me well when I was there.

 I never did get used to it.

Sun and warmth are woven into the very fibers of my being, I suppose.

If I ever actually move to England.... Jesus will have to sustain my equatorial heart.

The oldest and I have been outside for much of the afternoon - soaking in every bit of sunshine the sky offers us.

My man-child has swept pine needles into a giant pile leaning up against our yard's back border.

He has made a makeshift canopy for me to write underneath - with an old large umbrella and rocking chairs.

Right now, he's making a sprinkler system for his experiential garden plot. He just turned it on and the thing actually works.

The youngest two are having their blessed nap.

The girl has dance tonight - and I've learned that the evening runs smooth when she has had some extra shut-eye.

And Mama here is popping in for a post yet again this week. Three days and going strong now.

All because I ran across a quote this past weekend that hit me where I needed it...

If you want to be a writer, you have to write don't go to a well once but daily." - Walter Mosely

So I have been trying to make an extra keen effort to visit the watering hole.

Whether it makes me a writer or certainly satisfies.

I'm looking out onto the sea, as I type this.

A chalky one.

The blondes have drawn all sorts of corals and water creatures on our back porch - and all over our house, and a good portion of our fence.

It's a rainbow of seaside out here.

The calm of this moment is in deep contrast to the angry chaos that ensued earlier today - with Mama getting red in the face over forgotten chores and dramatic whinyness.

I'm thankful for my composed moment here - where the air is filled with dove song, and mower engine, and boy mischief.

I'm off to sweat a bit.

How anyone can get a taste of the sun without using it for aerobics is beyond me.

May your afternoon surprise you with blips of joy and sunshine, friends.

Warm embraces to you all.