Monday, February 16, 2015


The day is cracking open.

The lid of another week is being twisted off as I type this.

A blue-grayish hue is coming through my open window, as the sun makes it's way to our side of Earth.

There's a cloud cover today.

And that's okay.

The last few days of sweet pure sunshine have poured out enough rays to last us.

Many are still curled under blankets, others are already racing to work.

I am praying for a few extra minutes of me-time before my charges charge, so I can pour out a post.

As we sit here at the beginning of a brand new week...

All full of potential, and plans, and duties, and drudgeries...

As we flip the page to a new chapter of the month, and dive into what the next 7 hold...

I want joy to reign.

I want our minds to change. 

I want peace and calm and contentment to be louder than their opposites.

I want this week to be different somehow.

For each of us.

As we find ourselves at the beginning of a new calendar row - perhaps a prostrate posture is where we should begin.

Lord, we start with You.

Endue us with power from on high - to diffuse what needs calmed, and ignite what needs passion.

Let us discern and sense your Spirit at work in us this week.

Wherever we need newness of mind and ability - pour out! Our hands are open.

Make our reactions be calmer, our thoughts lighter, our feelings steadier, our service more genuine, our bodies healthier, our choices wiser, our prayers more frequent, our love grander, and our joy more tangible. 

It all comes from You.

I ask for a real difference. A felt, seen, marked one.

For every heart scanning these words here.

The light coming from my window is much brighter than it was when I first started the weaving of words this morning.

My hope is that our homes and lives will follow suit.