Monday, February 9, 2015

For Mothers of Boys

I have three young blondes around this abode here.

Two of them are boys who happily flank the girl situated in the middle.

As the oldest grows and develops - I'm stunned by the capabilities and desires and strengths and bents of the eight year old boy variety.

And I'm struck by the challenges and temptations and possibilities for them, too.

So when I came across 1 Samuel 10:26 - I knew I had found something I could latch onto....

Saul also went to his home at Gilbeah, and with him went men of valor whose hearts God had touched.

What a verse.

But also....what a prayer.

Men of valor whose hearts God had touched.

To pray these words over the young men in our households - is to secure soldiers for spiritual battle.

To raise mighty men who are courageous, and creative, and proactive, and righteous, and loyal.... is to form a front line that will conquer. 

Instilling valor will still the enemy.

And as parents...we are the ones who should be purposed in this.

Purposed in prayer and petition over the up-and-coming husbands, fathers, business owners, leaders, pastors, coaches - that are currently being formed and molded and influenced for their tomorrows.

Because a spiritual battle rages for matter their occupation or industry or season or hobby or situation in life.

Men of valor are brave. 

They are moved by injustice.

They are willing.

They aren't distracted.

And they don't cower.

They are watchful.

They are ready.

They tend.

They are consistent.

They see things through.

And they love well.

Their loyalty is unmatched.

Their faith is unparalleled. 

They are armed.

They are studied.

They are compassionate.

They have the audacity to be transparent.

They have calloused hands, and soft hearts.

They are secure enough to give honor to others.

And they resist the urge to boast.

They are wise enough to seek counsel and correction.

They are man enough to acknowledge when a woman can do the job better.

And they yield to overseers and those of higher rank.

They have discernment.

And hope.

And they can be trusted.

They guard themselves and others from assault and attack.

They are fierce in their fighting for loved ones....

Unrelenting in pursuing the hearts of those in their homes....

Unquestioned in their character and word....

Admonished by the Spirit speaking..

Awed by the Son's sacrifice....

And bowed low before their King.


And we pray for the hand and heart of God to touch and enliven these boy-men.... we gird and guard them to be mighty warriors for Glory.

To have valor, and to be touched by Him - this is what turns an unsharpened cadet into a prepared and polished commando in God's Kingdom.

Lord, help us.

Help us to be mothers who pour out and promote this.