Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You're Invited: A Book Study

There's some kind of a spark that flames when women gather together in common purpose.

There's an igniting that occurs when like-minded ladies rally, and root, and forge.

The ideas.

The healing.

The camaraderie

The growth.

The accountability.

The inspiration.

The encouragement...

It all occurs when women come together to seek God's face.

Life-change and light-bulb moments and laughter and a common language ring in loud and high.

This Spring...

I have the good pleasure of leading a women's study.

If you find yourself living in the Houston/West Houston/Northwest Houston area...consider this your personal invite.

In the eight weeks that we gather, we will read and discuss Sally Clarkson’s latest book Own Your Life. We will delve deep into the topics of motherhood, faith, callings, attitudes, and ministry. The study will also be laced with discussion and instruction on some of the spiritual disciplines – prayer, fasting, study, worship, etc… Each Monday night, we will have food and fellowship followed by discussion and prayer. While this study tends to point more toward Mamas – all are welcome and will certainly benefit. Join us for what is sure to be a worthwhile and lively look into living a Spirit-filled and intentional life in 2015 onward.

We begin Monday, February 23rd at 6:30pm.

For more details please email: abellthatrings@gmail.com

Please know...that I am praying over this gathering.

I'm asking that the Holy Spirit will move and speak amongst us....
that hurts will find healing
that friends will be found
that knowledge will be gained
that encouragement and inspiration will reign
and that a deep faith will flourish for every woman who finds herself seeking with us this season.

And did you see....

There will be food?

Why not fill our bellies while filling our souls?

I'm excited to see what transpires and unfolds as we dive deep into the things of the Lord together.

Have a splendid week, friends. :)