Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I'm sitting here this morning, right on the cusp of dawn....

Thinking about what a doozy of a month it's already been.

The husband's job transition
A home search
Constant rental showings of our current abode
Little sleep
Tiny hearts that need tending in all the change
A big Mama heart that needs tending, too.

It's an odd season.

Lots of ups and downs and twists and maneuvers. 

Lots of long days, and short nights, and inefficient hours.

Some affliction and oppression and warfare, too.

I've felt the last few days that perhaps I've come to the end of myself.

The end of my patience, and my energy, and my mental capabilities.

So this early A.M....I come to you a bit short and fried.

There have been lessons learned and revelations shown in the midst of the nutty - but I'm in no manner to convey such things in words to you now. I'm afraid it would not make a lick of sense :)

But I did want to come - before the blondes stir from bed for the day... to walk along side anyone who may be feeling strung out, stressed out, or flailing.

I don't offer much in the way of wisdom on this and I certainly can't write with authority on the subject..... but I do offer you my company in the drought....and I do offer you a prayer in this season.

Because the midst of the crazy....

Companionship and petitions..... are just what we need to get us through.

Oh Lord, come and minister.
Come and meet me where I am....
And gird me up where I need it.
Clear out confusion
And ring in calm.
Sustain me because I'm feeble!
Give me Your presence....
And let me discern it.
Where I'm parched - pursue me.
 Fill me up.
Where I'm lacking - make do.
Where I'm worn and thin - sustain me God....
In mind, body, spirit.
And let me, in turn, lift up the ones around me...
Who need a boost themselves.
Have Your glory in all this, God. Be famed!
And let this season finalize in joy, blessing, wisdom-gained, and victory.
In Jesus, Amen.