Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter 2014

I come into Holy Week....needing healing, hope, and wholeness.

I come into this season - needing faith, courage, and a heart that trusts.

I walk into this week, friends - longing to know Him more, desiring to see His face, wanting to hear His voice, needing to feel His hand on my life.

You too?

I'm not alone in this?

Perhaps, over the next several days - I'll pop in to punch out what the Lord is revealing..... as we journey toward the cross and empty tomb.

Lord willing - I plan to sit here on this step everyday this just let the Spirit do some speaking.

The days leading up to Easter deserve that, don't you think?

The love that poured out on those nails and on that tree - it's worth our full attention and constant pondering this week.

Let's not allow the eggs and chocolate to outdo the Sacrifice.

Let's not let the new dresses and clove-studded hams to take prominence over what Christ did on our behalf.

Let's not fester over bunnies and gatherings and cantatas and church attendance numbers.... let's just linger....

In scripture.

In prayer.

In thoughtful meditation....

On the One who came for us all.

May your week be filled with precious and intimate and startling revelations from the Lord. 

I pray it's so. 

See you on the flip side, friends :)