Saturday, April 19, 2014


There's a pot of Easter Lilies sitting on my entry way bench.

They are large, pearl white, and beginning their bloom.

One flower in particular is facing me now - and the way those petals open up and sprawl out - it compels me.

It's almost as if they're shouting Glory.

Tomorrow - as we rise....let us think of His rising.

As we zip up Easter dresses, and load vans, and greet, and mingle, and sing, and listen, and pray, and gather, and hunt, and feast -  let tradition not be void of meaning. 

Let tinsel, and pomp, and memory-making bow to the Resurrected.

Let's let loose like lilies and proclaim that our God is good, and able, and ALIVE!

You can read the resurrection account from John... by clicking here. Go and enjoy and ingest'll be filled, friend!

I'm praying for fresh revelations, thorough healings, and crisp beginnings - to make their way into your Easter day.

It's been a pleasure sitting here with you this week.

Love and joy and newness to you all!